Sports Performance Training in NJ

PS2 Athletics was founded for the purpose of providing young athletes with the coaching they need to achieve their goals and become all-star players. Using high-level training, both individual and in group settings, and highly competitive club teams, our 36,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility, located in Wayne, NJ, has everything you need to maximize your training time. Our professional, dedicated performance coaches will help you get to the very top and go above and beyond to provide you the best service possible so you can look and feel like your best self. While PS2 is already known as a premier baseball training company, a level of excellence we will always continue to provide, our newly opened facility allows us the opportunity to expand, bringing the same winning philosophy to other sports such as softball and volleyball.

PS2 Sports Performance is powered by a leading force in the industry, Katalyst Performance and Rehab. Led by Dr. Scott Koningswood, Katalyst handles strength and conditioning for athletes training at PS2. This entity enables athletes to have premier coaching in all aspects of sports performance.

Train Smarter, Perform Better.

PS2 Sports Performance powered by Katalyst services athletes of all ages, sports, and experience levels. Every athlete is thoroughly assessed in the areas of movement quality, mobility, stability, strength, speed, and agility during our initial evaluations. Performance goals and aspirations as well as injury history are all taken into account while the Performance staff educates the athlete on areas of strengths and where improvements can be made. Once your initial evaluation is completed, athletes are directed into similar groupings of their peers to enhance athlete experience and drive the instinctual nature of competition. These programs are meticulously created by our staff and will allow athletes to ignite and elevate their potentials in all areas of performance.